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A passionate team

Our family spirit
at the heart of your stay!

Interesting facts



Front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, breakfast... Everyone contributes in their own way to making our customers' experience a positive one!



General management, operations, sales... A team with a vision, attentive to employees and who wants to have fun at work!



Two in Québec City, one in Lévis and one in Alma!

We all have one goal...
Offer a warm welcome and have fun! Here is a small overview of our team.

Laura - Since 2023

Receptionist (Lévis)
❤️ Travelling around the world

Manon - Since 2022

Sales Coordinator (Lévis)
❤️ Hiking

Simon - Since 2023

Front Desk Operations Coordinator (Québec)
❤️ Building and renovating

Sylvain - Since 2022

Maintenance worker (Québec)
❤️ Doing electrical work

Alexandre - Since 2021

Receptionist (Québec)
❤️ Playing video games

Louiselle - Since 2021

Breakfast Manager (Québec)
❤️ Listening to country music

Nadia - Since 2019

Assistant Director (Lévis)
❤️ Growing plants

Lenin - Since 2023

Maintenance worker (Québec)
❤️ Playing music

Laurie - Since 2021

Receptionist (Québec)
❤️ Trying new coffees

Charles-Émile - Since 2019

Public area housekeeping attendant (Lévis)
❤️ Creating a festive atmosphere

Moïra - Since 2016

Front Desk Operations Coordinator (Québec)
❤️ Cooking vegan recipes

Michael - Since 2022

Assistant Sales Manager (Québec)
❤️ Travelling

Ana-Maria - Since 2018

Room attendant (Lévis)
❤️ Reading books

Amélie - Depuis 2015

Marketing manager (Québec)
❤️ Practicing outdoor activities

Marilyne - Since 2021

Front Desk Supervisor (Lévis)
❤️ Listening to music

Marylise - Since 2023

Receptionist (Québec)
❤️ Playing soccer

Patrick - Since 2023

Housekeeping attendant (Lévis)
❤️ Playing to board games

Louise - Since 2012

Breakfast service attendant (Québec)
❤️ Watching tennis games

Sophie - Since 2022

Receptionist (Lévis)
❤️ Going to the water's edge

Louis - Since 2002

General Director (Québec)
❤️ Playing golf

Caroline - Since 2019

Executive Housekeeper (Lévis)
❤️ Singing opera

Jackie - Since 2022

Director (Québec)
❤️ Buying and wearing glasses

Sara - Since 2022

Receptionist (Québec)
❤️ Reading novels

Nadia - Since 1995

Executive Housekeeper (Québec)
❤️ Line dancing

Geneviève - Since 2017

Housekeeping attendant (Québec)
❤️ Painting canvases

Sébastien - Since 2012

Director (Lévis)
❤️ Science fiction

Charles - Since 2014

Night auditor (Lévis)
❤️ Reading mangas

Camille - Since 2013

Sales Coordinator (Québec)
❤️ Making others happy

Our commitment.
Our values.

Family spirit

We like to have fun and make our employees feel it as much as our customers!


We are always curious to get ideas from our employees as well as feedback from our customers!


A harmonious climate makes the work or living experience so pleasant!


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