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Hôtel & Suites Normandin Québec

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1 800 463-6721

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418 622-1611

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4700, boulevard Pierre-Bertrand Québec (Québec) G2J 1A4 Reg. 028803 / Exp. date November 30, 2024


Our meeting rooms

7 well-equipped rooms for your business meeting.
You are 2 or 30 people? It will be a pleasure to help you organize the best meeting.

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Salon Normandin

Between 20 and 30 people 660 ft2 (33 ft x 20 ft) Projector and screen from ceiling ($) Hybrid formula with videoconference ($)

Salon exécutif

Between 2 and 12 people 294 ft2 (21 ft x 14 ft) Projector from ceiling ($) Screen from ceiling ($)

Suite Loft

Between 10 and 15 people 450 ft2 (30 ft x 15 ft) Portable projector ($) Screen from ceiling (no charge)

Suite Junior

Between 2 and 6 people 270 ft2 (18 ft x 15 ft) Portable projector ($) Portable screen (no charge)

Everything for a successful meeting!

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Audiovisual equipments ($)

Screen, projector, flip chart and more.

Coffe break service ($)

La Matinale, La Pause-santé and several options available.

Meal service ($)

Midi Express, lunch boxes or restaurant.

Free parking

Your participants will appreciate!

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