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Pet friendly

Few rooms located on the main floor can accommodate guests traveling with their pets ($).

Every pet staying with us will receive a welcome package kit. However, in order to ensure comfort and respect for all of our customers, we ask the owner of these special visitors to observe some specific rules:

  • An additional charge of $25 per night is required, up to a maximum of $100 per stay.
  • No stay longer than 7 nights will be accepted.
  • Cat or dog only, maximum weight 50 pounds, 2 pets maximum per room.
  • When traveling outside the hotel, no animal should be left alone in the room.
  • When traveling inside the hotel with the animal, it must be on a leash or in your arms.
  • When you travel inside the hotel without the animal, it must be caged in your room.
  • No animals are allowed on a floor other than the ground floor.
  • It is your responsibility to pick up your pet’s poop.
  • For any breakage or noise complaint, a fee may be charged.
  • Reservation subject to availability.